There's a reason they are called hurricane-forced winds.
These powerful winds can easily destroy buildings, topple trees, and send debris flying creating hazardous conditions!

Did you know?
A smaller hurricane can produce winds 25 miles out from the center of the storm, and larger ones can reach more than 150 miles out. Larger hurricanes can also produce tropical storm-force winds capable of reaching a distance of 300 miles from the center.


Dangerous Hurricane Winds

Although most hurricane related deaths are caused by storm surge and flooding, wind is still very dangerous and can have catastrophic impacts on those caught in them. Just 74 mph wind can damage buildings, and uplift flying debris putting anyone in danger who is inside of the storm.

Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale

Click the link below to learn about the different categories of hurricane wind speed!

Hurricane Wind Scale

DIY Wind Inspection Checklist

Click the link below for a "Do-It Yourself" wind inspection checklist so you can protect your home from dangerous hurricane winds.

Home Inspection Checklist

Hurricane Irma Wind

Hurricane Irma made landfall in SouthWest Florida back in September 2017. Click the link below to learn about the dangerous winds that struck our area just two years ago!

Hurricane Irma





Protect Your Home

Hurricane winds can easily cause catastrophic damage to your home if you are not properly prepared.

Learn more about protecting your home during the hurricane season!


Why Hurricane Categories Make a Difference