Hurricane Kit

Hurricane Kit

Hurricane season begins June 1st, and lasts until November 30th.

You should have a completed hurricane kit before the season starts.

Inside your kit should be enough supplies to last you at least 72 hours, preferably one week.

You should check your kit and replenish the items every so often.

Did you know?

Hurricane-related trauma contributes to psychological distress, P.T.S.D., grief, depression, anxiety and other mental health problems.

Studies found that 30-50% of people who survived Hurricane Katrina suffered from P.T.S.D.. After Hurricane Sandy, more than 20% of residents reported P.T.S.D., 33% reported depression, and 46% reported anxiety.



Hurricane Kits are essential to have in case you need to evacuate. Plus, preparing a kit is simple, and it could save your life. The items needed are fairly inexpensive and easy to assemble.

Since you don't know where you will be in case of an emergency like a hurricane, you should store your supplies in easy-to-grab places such as your home, work, and vehicle.



How Does Preparing Help?

Preparing for a hurricane before it comes helps decrease stress, reduce sleeping difficulties, improve your finances, and provides you with better information on meal planning.