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Canvas Updates for Fall 2023

January 10, 2024  / Digital Learning  / Tags: Professional Development, New Quizzes, Canvas Features, Digital Learning

Welcome back Eagle Family! As we gear up for the exciting journey of Spring Semester, we would like to share with you some highlighted Canvas features from Fall 2023 in case you missed them.

New and Updated Features 

  • Gradebook: Point Based Grading Scheme
    This update provides additional grading scheme options and allows flexible grading styles. Choose to have a point-based grading scheme when creating new schemes or editing existing schemes. Point-based grading schemes can be out of any number (i.e. 0-4 or 0-10), and have the same base requirements as a percentage-based grading scheme.
    Note: When grading by points is selected, the default points are 0-4. 

  • Rich Content Editor: Edit Course Link Sidebar Update
    This update allows users to quickly and efficiently update course links. When editing a course link, the sidebar is updated to allow users to view the name of the current link and choose a replacement from all available course links. 

  • Pages: Editing Page Title Updates the URL’s
    This update improves Instructor workflow and reduces the need to update page links manually. In Pages, when editing a page title, all links to that page automatically update in a course. 

  • Calendar: Recurring Events
    This feature optimizes scheduling and improves user workflows. In the Calendar, users can create and edit recurring events. 

  • New Analytics: Default Status Update
    This update provides teachers easy access to data about what’s happening in their courses along with the ability to take action on that data. The New Analytics feature option default status is changed to Enabled/Locked. New Analytics allows instructors to track student average course grades, online activity and attendance using an interactive chart graph or table. 

New Quizzes Updates

Canvas New Quizzes continues to get better. Contact us if you have questions about switching from Canvas Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes.

  • Build on Last Attempt
    This change allows instructors to collect data on improved learning. In New Quizzes, instructors can allow students to build on their last attempt of a quiz by reattempting incorrectly answered questions. 

  • Improved Item Analysis Report
    This update improves instructor workflow by providing Item Analysis reports in a timely manner and simplifies the user interface. Instructor access to Item Analysis reports is faster and the user interface is updated. 

  • QTI File Exporting Available
    This update allows instructors to keep their course content and use it throughout their career. Instructors can export New Quizzes from the Build page and the new Export Page. 

  • Share Item Bank with Course Checkbox Update
    This update allows instructors to know if an Item Bank is shared with the current course, as well as share Item Banks with the course from the Item Banks page or tray. The ‘Share Item Bank with Course’ checkbox is added in the Item Bank page when creating a new Item Bank, as well as existing Item Banks. Additionally, instructors can view when an Item Bank is already shared with a course. 

  • Anonymous Grading
    Instructors can enable Anonymous Grading. This update helps reduce the perception of bias in the classroom by allowing instructors to grade manually-graded questions anonymously.  

  • Duplicate Item Banks
    This update provides instructors the ability to share Item Banks and allow modifications that will not impact the original. Instructors can duplicate Item banks. Duplicated Item banks can be edited without affecting the original content. 
  • Item Bank Display Update
    This update improves efficiency when searching for a desired item bank.
    In the Item Banks page, item bank details display in a table view. 

  • Item Banks Shared in Course Copy
    This update improves instructor workflow by automatically sharing an item bank to a copy of a course without the need to take the additional step to share the Item Bank. When a course is copied that includes a new quiz with an item bank, the item bank is shared with the new course automatically.

    Note: For an item bank that is shared with the original course, when the course is copied, the item bank is shared with read privileges to the new course. If the bank is not shared with the original course and it is not shared with Institution, it will be shared with read privileges to the new course. This ensures that the instructor(s) in the new course will always be able to read the bank.

We encourage you to explore and practice using these features in your Sandbox!

The Digital Learning Team