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Classes you dreamed of here at FGCU...

Are you interested in cinema, The Beatles, social media’s impact on our lives, or compassionate parenting? Each semester, the Department of Integrated Studies offers an exciting array of issues-based courses that examine important, contemporary topics through a variety of lenses. Students develop critical thinking skills that allow them to see how different perspectives integrate with each other and contribute to a richer understanding of the world.


Below is just a small sample of Integrated Studies courses offered in Spring 2023. Please view the course schedule to discover additional FIL, HUM, and IDS classes you can take to fulfill General Education or upper-level requirements. 

Spring 2023 Courses




Beans and Bugs: Sustainable Food (IDS 3304)

Communicating Science in the Virtual World (IDS 3143)

Environmental Humanities (HUM 2395)

Horticulture & Botany of Cannabis (IDS 3304)

Pop Culture

Media & Pop Culture

Anime & Manga: Monsters & Magical Girls (HUM 1020)

Digital Communication in Our Lives (HUM 3589)

Race, Gender & Economics in Sports (IDS 3332)

Surviving the End of the World: A Practical Approach (IDS 3143)

The Horror Cinema (FIL 3832)


Empathy, Compassion, & Kindness

Storytelling as Healing (HUM 3362)

Tell Your Story (HUM 1020)

The Compassionate Life (HUM 3303)

The Yogic Life (IDS 3116)