Current Projects

The Seidler Collaborative Awards have played an essential role in the College of Arts and Sciences' efforts to enhance undergraduate student research and creative activity. The College consists of a diverse set of disciplines that include the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences, and the projects supported by the Seidler Fund reflect that diversity. 

Summer 2022 - Spring 2023

Faculty Student department project
Anaya, Christina Karla Mendoza
Mackenzie Beck-Gibson
Biological Sciences Freshwater gastropods as parasite biodiversity indicators in Southwest Florida
Cimarusti, Tom  Victoria Paulino de Souza Bower School of Music & The Arts/Music Reimagining Spanish Opera: Astor Piazzolla's "Maria de Buenos Aires" and Daniel Roble's "El condor pasa"
Demers, Nora Jorge Garcia Acosta
Rachael Rerrie
Biological Sciences Endocrine disruptors in our waters; evaluating contamination using mosquitofish as a model organism
Dhumal, Nilesh Mary Richardson Chemistry & Physics/Chemistry Influence of cation symmetry on normal vibrational frequency in mid and far IR of imidazolium-based ionic liquids: Simulation studies 
Feng, Peng Dennis Whitener Mathematics A Mathematical Model to Understand Tuberculosis Granulomas Formation and Its Impact on Disease Progression 
Fortin, Andrea Melissa Williams Integrated Studies Kindness, Empathy, and Compassion: A Study of The Impact and Challenges of Student Course-Based Service Learning 
Griffin, Conan Shu Ting Wang Language & Literature/English Understanding & Learning How to Improve DWF Rates for Online Classes
Hutchinson, Jeff Devin Arena Chemistry & Physics/Chemistry Searching for Quark Interacting Dark Matter at the Future Circular Collider
Insko, Erik Calvin Finley Mathematics Applying graph theory to sports data analytics
Loscuito, John Sarah Baker Bower School of Music & The Arts/Art FGCU Art Galleries Permanent Collection Oral Histories and Exhibition
McManus, Greg Damian Hernandez Chemistry & Physics/Chemistry Removing toxic lead from Southwest Florida water sources  via porous Metal-Organic Frameworks
Price, Sarah Cierra Barron Communication & Philosophy/Communication Pronouns and Support for Gender Diverse Students
Reilly, John Anthony Valenzano
Justin Hogue
Chemistry & Physics/Chemistry Expansion of FGCU Micro-Brewery and the development of a Food Science and Fermentation Minor
Von Cannon, Michael Keyshawn Frazier Language & Literature/English Eagle Podcast Challenge: An Exploration of New Media and the Public Humanities
Wagle, Durgesh David Hardy Chemistry & Physics/Chemistry Bio-Based Deep Eutectic Solvents: A Non-Aqueous Media for Preservation of Nucleic Acid-Based Vaccines
Watanabe, Ken Max Smuda Chemistry & Physics/Physics Multiwavelength Observations of Blazars

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