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Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Undergraduate research has proven to be instrumental in engaging students helping to provide direct and marketable experience in the students' chosen disciplines, increase knowledge and the desire for knowledge, and enhance career development. The Seidler gift initially established of a more formalized summer research and scholarly projects program for the College of Arts & Sciences at Florida Gulf Coast University. The program has now expanded to encompass all terms, and some year long projects which will provide students the opportunity to work closely with faculty on research and scholarly projects. Participating students and faculty receive a stipend to assist with costs associated with the research including materials and supplies related to the students' research and travel expenses for students to attend and present their research at appropriate conferences.

Deadline for submission is Wednesday, February 15, 2023.

General Information

  • Summary

  • Requirements and Work Schedules

  • Travel

  • International Travel

  • Evaluation of Proposals

  • Final Report Requirements

  • Seidler Fellowship Selection Committee 


Application Information

  • Application Materials Required

  • Budget Information/Guidelines

  • Application

  • Post-Fellowship Report

  • Questions?


Seidler Fellowship Awardees