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Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

We are an experienced group of professionals who lead FGCU’s Center for Academic Achievement.

Lindsay Singh
Director, Center for Academic Achievement
Office: Library West 103G
Phone: 239-590-7906
E-mail:  lsingh@fgcu.edu 
Natasha Ziegler
Assistant Director, Academic Success Programs
Office: Library West 103H
Phone: 239-590-7866
Gail Mishler Murray
Academic Success Coach
Office: Library West 103C
Phone: 239-745-4407
Saül Laguerre
Academic Success Coach
Office: Library West 103B
Phone: 239-590-1857
Chuck Kaufman
Academic Success Coach
Office: Library West 103E
Phone: 239-745-4326
Kelsey Fischell
Writing Lab Coordinator
Office: Library West 201E
Phone: 239-590-1552
Irma Box
Administrative Specialist
Office: Library West 103F
Phone:  239-745-4577
Jori Remington Photo
Program Assistant
Office: Library West 201A
Phone: 239-745-4357


We’re here to answer your questions.

Center for Academic Achievement

  Library West 103

  Front Desk/Phone Hours:
  Monday to Friday - 8 AM to 5 PM