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Academic Success Program & Coaching

Develop skills that support your achievement 

The Academic Success Program helps students identify and complete their educational goals. Our academic success coaches provide individualized academic coaching to support academic achievement for all students.

What is academic coaching?

Academic coaching provides a supportive learning environment to help students develop skills in areas directly and indirectly related to academics.  We offer 30 minute in-person or remote one-on-one appointments, one hour group coaching appointments, and weekly drop-ins. The ultimate focus of each meeting is to influence positive academic performance and continued professional growth.  Academic coaching allows for improved performance in the following areas: 

Learning academic skills:
  • Active learning strategies and memory techniques
  • Goal setting
  • Self-assessment and self-correction
  • Study and test-taking skills
  • Test Preparation and post-exam analysis
Improving self-regulation:
  • Focus and concentration
  • Metacognition and a strategic approach to learning
  • Organization strategies
  • Self-care and reflection
  • Time and task management
Navigating the academic environment:
  • Encouraging meetings with faculty during office hours
  • Identifying positive and negative environments
  • Knowing university expectations and policy
  • Reading your syllabus
  • Using campus resources
Developing the motivation for success:
  • Awareness of personal beliefs and strengths
  • Fostering a growth mindset
  • Personal responsibility
  • Resiliency and grit
  • Self-efficacy and self-esteem

Academic Support Programs

  • Eagle Success Program

  • SLS 1501 - Effective Learning

  • General Academic Standing Hold Requirements


Meet an academic success coach

Center for Academic Achievement

Library W 103