The Water School Centers

The Water School is home to 2 Departments, 5 Programs, and 3 Centers and Research Institutes. Each of these Centers focus on expanding Undergraduate and Graduate students' educational hands-on research each of their respective fields.

The Centers bring together faculty from all disciplines and Colleges within the University to work together on complex, topical and comprehensive issues.

Center for Environment & Society logoOur vision is a Southwest Florida that promotes the interconnectedness of natural and social systems required to create a healthy and resilient environment for the benefit of all. 

EWRP logoThe Everglades Wetland Research Park (EWRP) provides teaching, research, and service related to wetland, river, coastal science and ecological engineering.

Vester Logo

Our unique facility in nearby Bonita Springs serves as an easy-access point to Estero Bay and the Gulf of Mexico and is an important base of operations for studies of Southwest Florida’s coastal and watershed habitats.