Graduate Studies Faculty Resources

Graduate Studies Faculty Resources

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Important Links/Forms

  • Graduate Assistantship Request - Guidelines below:
    • To be completed by campus entities outside the graduate program unit for approval prior to hire
    • Full time students taking a 9-9 load (Fall-Spring) should be matched to an assistantship equivalent to 20 hours/week. This may be teaching or research. For teaching, this is equivalent to two 3 cr. hr. courses as a Graduate Teaching Assistant, or teaching one 3 cr. hr. course as a Graduate Teaching Associate (the instructor of record) for each semester that support is requested.
    • Part time students taking a 6-6 load (Fall-Spring) should have support in the amount of 10 hours/week for each semester that support is requested. This may be teaching or research.
    • Less than part time students may be eligible however an assistantship should be offered.
  • Request to Approve Exception to Minimum University Requirements for Graduate Admission
  • Transfer Equivalency Worksheet
  • BDM Request Form

Supplemental graduate tuition waiver program 2022-2023

  • General Information

  • Instructions for supplemental graduate tuition waivers

  • Tuition Waiver Application