Personal and Workplace Safety

Our people are the university's greatest assets

  • FGCU S.A.F.E. Award

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  • Golf Cart Safety Training

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  • Ergonomics

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  • Driving Course for Operating FGCU Vehicles

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  • Workplace Safety Training through Canvas

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Illness and Injuries- When Accidents Happen

  • Injury and Illness Prevention Program
  • Workers' Compensation- Human Resources
  • Incident Investigation Procedures

    The supervisor at the activity or location where the accident occurred is responsible for performing an accident investigation.  Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) and the University Police Department are available to assist with investigations as requested.  Investigate all incidents, accidents, injuries and occupational diseases using the following investigation procedures:

    • Implement temporary control measures to prevent any further injuries to employees.
    • Review the equipment, operations, and processes to gain an understanding of the accident situation.
      • Nearly all workplace injuries occur due to a combination of an unsafe act in the presence of an unsafe condition. For example, a slick, wet road after a summer downpour is a condition. Driving too fast under this condition is an example of an unsafe act. Identifying both the unsafe act and the unsafe condition can prevent similar incidents in the future.
    • Identify and interview each witness and any other person who might provide clues to the cause of the incident.
    • Provide recommendations to prevent future occurrences.
    • Complete the form for workplace injuries to employees, or
    • Complete the form for injuries to students, visitors, and non-work related incidents.

Call 239-590-1414 with any questions.

  •  Accident Data:

    The data provided is based on the first notice of injury reports completed and submitted to Worker’s Compensation. This general information is to inform the campus community of the reportable hazards that occurred here at Florida Gulf Coast University either on or off campus. 

    There are many available resources to help take steps in removing or eliminating the hazard or providing an alternative way of working safely in the workplace. 

    Please note that the data provided reflects only those work-related injuries sustained by employees. Departments interested in accident data specific please contact FGCU EH&S.