Every office and department at Florida Gulf Coast University contribute to advancing sustainability in some way.  The Environmental Coalition of Florida Gulf Coast University (ECOFGCU) is a registered student organization bringing people across campus together by promoting sustainability events and initiatives by maintaining the calendar below. To see past events, join us on Eagle Link.  If you would like us to add your event, please email the details to



The Environmental & Sustainability Coalition of Florida Gulf Coast University, or ECOFGCU, is a coalition of sustainability leaders from Registered Student Organizations, departments, offices, and centers. Our goal is to coordinate events, collaborate on projects, and cooperatively share resources so that sustainability has a unified presence on our campus. 

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Participate with ECOFGCU and our quest to keep campus litter and pollution free!

Why Cleaning Up and Preventing Litter Is So Important:

Not only can litter be unsightly, but much of the litter is made of plastic that does not biodegrade – it only breaks down into smaller bits of plastic that eventually washes out to our waterways. Preventing litter is especially important here on campus because FGCU is located on a regional, interconnected watershed system that spills into the Estero Bay Aquatic Preserve and joins the Gulf of Mexico. Preventing litter and pollution helps make sure that our waterways remain clean to protect the environment and wildlife. 


How to use the Litterati app to record data from the clean-up:

Join the FGCU Respect the Nest Challenge:

Step 1 Download the Litterati app to your phone or device

Step 2 Join CLEAN UP SOUTHWEST FLORIDA by using code: Eagles

Step 3 Take photo of litter where it is found, tag it (with object, material, and brand) and properly dispose of any litter you find.

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