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English MA Thesis

The Master’s thesis option is recommended for students who have a specific and well-planned project.

Successfully completing a thesis requires additional responsibilities for the student. The true capstone experience for the degree is the Comprehensive Exam, so the department strongly encourages students to attend to that requirement first and foremost.

The Master’s Thesis is not required of students planning to go to a PhD program; indeed, graduates from the MA program who have gone on to doctoral programs have typically not chosen the thesis option. This option requires more reading, more research, more writing, and more revision than the coursework it replaces. Therefore, a student who has a highly defined project in mind might find the thesis option an appropriate challenge. The preparation, research, drafting, revising, and defending of the thesis generally demand a one-year commitment by the student. Students contemplating this option need to take a careful and thoughtful self-inventory. More information on the process and guidelines are below.

The MA Thesis


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  • Thesis Defence

  • Student Responsibilities

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Guidelines for the MA Thesis

The finished manuscript is a scholarly work that is the product of extensive research and related preparation. The University Library will retain an electronic copy of your thesis in its digital library. The Department of Language of Literature will retain the Library Copy (hard copy) of the thesis. The thesis will then become a visible and permanent measure of the quality of scholarship expected at Florida Gulf Coast University.

Because they are measures of the quality of scholarship produced at FGCU, theses must adhere to a uniform standard of format and construction to preserve the work. All English theses must meet both university and department guidelines. 

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