Scholarship Information

Physical Plant Endowed Scholarship

An opportunity to enhance relationships with business partners as we work together to ensure students become educated in fields of our common interests

History of the Scholarship Fund

The Physical Plant Endowed Scholarship Fund was created by donations from Physical Plant employees to start a program that reflected the shared interests of our business partners while supporting our departmental mission.  Employees and friends of Florida Gulf Coast University established a scholarship fund to financially assist qualified students enrolled in environmental engineering, civil engineering, and environmental studies; annually, in perpetuity.

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Scholarship Mission

Our mission is to cultivate environmentally-conscious, productive citizens to take us through the new millennium with pride and promise, out of their responsibility to sustainable development. We are extremely excited about the opportunity to select recipients that reflect our shared interests, such as engineering and sustainable development, and have an impact on their academic and professional careers.  

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Contributors to the Physical Plant Scholarship Fund

  • Physical Plant Employees
  • Rich & Jennifer Housch
  • ATP Engineering South
  • B & I Contractors, Inc.
  • Commercial Air Management
  • OCI Associates, Inc.
  • Johnson Controls
  • USSI
  • United Mechanical, Inc.
  • Office Furniture & Design
  • Ajax Building Corporation
  • FGCU Foundation
  • Maddox Construction Company
  • ABC Fire Equipment
  • Page Mechanical Group
  • Service Contracting Solutions
  • Wayne Wiles Floor Coverings
  • Chris-Tel Company of Southwest Florida, Inc.
  • Harvard Jolly, Inc.

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B & I Contractors

B&I Contractors has installed mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems in buildings on the FGCU campus.

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ATP Engineering South

ATP Engineering South retrofitted the chilled water system, which resulted in energy savings throughout campus.

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Service Contracting Solutions

Service Contracting Solutions has been providing FGCU with premier commercial painting and waterproofing for the last 15 years.

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Commercial Air Management

Commercial Air Management is a local family owned business that has provided heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services to FGCU since the university opened.

In the classroom


USSI has been the contracted custodial firm at FGCU since July 2003, and provides custodial services to campus facilities, including Housing, and for special events such as Basketball and Volleyball Games, and Commencement.


The potential to transform the lives of students is in the many hands of our community. Please join us in our commitment to student success. Your contribution to the fund helps tremendously; please mail your tax deductible donation to:

Florida Gulf Coast University
Physical Plant, Attn: Vikki McConnell
10501 FGCU Blvd. South
Fort Myers, FL 33965