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There are nearly 100 beverage and snack machines, multiple ATMs, and a pharmacy vending machine located throughout campus. Check out the shopFGCU Vending Machine Map to locate the machine nearest you. 

FGCU Vending MAP 

Beverage Vending

Beverage Vending

Enjoy Pepsi's unique assortment of bottled beverages from vending machines across campus. Use your Eagle Dollars or mobile pay app for a cashless option.
Snack Vending

Snack Vending

With over 100 fresh products to choose from between all machines, our snack vending satisfies all types of cravings on campus in a variety of healthy options.
Pharmabox Vending

Pharmabox Vending

Pharmabox is stocked with essential items for daily use and emergencies. Find products like PPE, cosmetics, personal care, allergy relief, first aid, and electronics.

Electron-to-Go Charging

Rent a powerbank that always comes fully charged, is useable anywhere, and can be returned to a different location.


  • Can I get a vending refund?

  • Can I get a Pharmabox refund?

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