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Barnes & Noble College - Adoptions & Insights Portal (AIP)

In partnership with Barnes & Noble College, Florida Gulf Coast University has implemented a course material adoption platform, the Adoptions and Insights Portal (AIP). AIP is a centralized platform to explore course material options and submit adoption requests.

Timely adoption of textbooks is crucial for compliance with FGCU Regulation 3.003, FGCU Policy 3.036, Florida Board of Governors Regulation 8.003, and Florida Statues (Section 1004.085). It is also helpful to students in that:

  • Knowledge of course textbooks and materials help students balance their course loads based on reading demands and financial needs – which includes the purchase of books;
  • Timely entry of this information provides students with the best opportunity to sell textbooks back at higher prices.  Also, bookstores typically will not offer to buy back textbooks unless the textbook is listed as being used the next semester.
  • Timely posting of textbook adoptions has the strong support of the student body, and is a law in Florida statutes as stated above.

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Important Dates and Deadlines for Adoptions


Courses are Viewable by Students:

Institutional Deadline:
October 15, 2023

First Day of Semester:
January 8, 2024


Courses are Viewable by Students:

Institutional Deadline:
March 15, 2024

First Day of Semester:
May 13, 2024

FALL 2024

Courses are Viewable by Students:

Institutional Deadline:
April 15, 2024

First Day of Semester:

Textbook adoption deadlines and announcements posted to FGCU Academic Calendar.

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Understanding AIP for Faculty

Welcome to Adoption Insights Portal!

AIP was designed to solve challenges faced when adopting course materials. AIP is connected through Canvas for a streamlined user experience for both faculty and students each semester. 

AIP Dashboard Highlights & Features

  • Submission Trends: View Adoption submission trends compared to previous terms
  • Department Summary: Drill into specific departments to see submission data by course and instructor
  • Filters: Filter entire dashboard and high-level submission data by campus, department or term.
  • Submission Status: View overall adoption status to see what percent of courses are submitted vs. not submitted for a given term.
  • Download, Share, Send Reminder: Use the menu to download, share a report with others or to send adoption reminders to instructors

Additional Benefits

  • All course material adoptions are archived and allow a one-click re-adoption feature for future terms.
  • AIP lists all format options (new, used, rental, digital) with pricing details.
  • AIP facilitates communication with the local bookstore representative and has 24-hour online support which can be accessed by clicking on “Open Chat.”
  • AIP offers a comprehensive database of other schools’ adoptions to help faculty identify what is being used across the country at other campuses.

Let's Go!

To get started with navigating the AIP, use our Step-by-Step Guide, view the Demonstration Videos, come to a Face-To-Face walk-in clinic, read our Frequently Asked Questions, and find Contacts for Support below.

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Textbook Adoption Contacts

Name Department Email Phone
Larry Davis Store Manager, Barnes & Noble at FGCU ldavis@bncollege.com (239) 590-1150
Wilson Leon Textbook Manager, Barnes & Noble at FGCU wleon@bncollege.com (239) 590-1155

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I get access for my entire department?

  • Can we recommend other textbook shopping resources?

  • I would like to re-adopt course materials from a previous semester. How can I do that?

  • Last semester I adopted two different course materials but this semester , I only want to adopt one of those materials. Can I use one click re-adopt?

  • How do I add, edit or delete an adoption?

  • How do I change my adoptions after they’ve been submitted?

  • How do I justify a late adoption?

AIP Resources to Get Started

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