Export Controls

Academic Freedom is a guiding principle for FGCU. It is the foundation for the transmission and advancement of knowledge. The university vigorously protects freedom of inquiry and expression and categorically expects civility and mutual respect to be practiced in all deliberations.

Export controls present a unique challenge to universities – balancing one’s academic freedom while maintaining national security and economic vitality. FGCU is committed to educating its faculty, visiting faculty and scientists, postdoctoral fellows, students, and other employees retained by or working at or for FGCU on U.S. export control laws and regulations.

This web page contains university export control information, key contacts, definitions, access to training modules, and other reference materials. This web page is designed to provide an overview of export controls that are relevant to a university setting and to help you obtain assistance with questions related to export controls.

  • Export Control Forms

  • Export Controls Overview

  • FGCU Export Control Compliance

  • Research and Export Controls

  • Deemed Exports

  • Employing Foreign Nationals (non-immigrant worker visa applicants)

  • Concerns – When to Contact Export Compliance

  • Exclusions & Exemptions from Export Controls

  • Export Control Training

  • Regulations and Agencies

  • Terms & Definitions

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