GEO Staff and Mission

Our Team

Mike McDonald
Chief International Officer & Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs
Office: Global Engagement Office RH 124
Phone: 239-590-7212
Tim Gjini
Associate Director & PDSO          (Inbound Mobility)
Office: Global Engagement Office RH 121
Phone: 239-590-7690
Assistant Director, Study Abroad (Outbound Mobility)
Office:  Global Engagement Office  Modular Building#1 Office #30
Phone: 239-590-1494
melissa perez
Administrative Assistant & DSO Designated School Official   
Office: Global Engagement Office RH122
Phone: 239-590-7925
Carey Fells
Coordinator II, Study Abroad   (Outbound Mobility)
Office:  Global Engagement Office Modular Building#1 Office #6
Phone: 239-590-7574
Photo of Chuck Wills, Passport Agent
Passport Agent
Office:  Global Engagement Office  Passport Facility Modular Building#1 Office #9
Coordinator, International Programming 
Office: Global Engagement Office RH 123
Phone: (239) 590-7691
Student Office Assistant
Office: Global Engagement Office RH122

Our Mission

GEO promotes Global learning in three complementary domains:  In the first, we provide resources to internationalize the FGCU curricula and direct students with interest in international education toward study abroad, exchange programs and international internships that best suit their interests and goals.  Second, GEO serves as the University's compliance unit for federal regulations relating to international students and scholars.  We work to assist, inform and empower international students and scholars in their transitions to life in the US and the FGCU campus.  And finally, GEO cultivates a climate of curiosity about the world and an embrace of diversity through co-curricular programs and recreational activities that bring the world to the FGCU campus for the benefit of our students, faculty, staff and neighbors in the communities that surround FGCU.