Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

In partnership with the United Faculty of Florida (UFF), the Office of the Provost is committed to providing faculty members with an environment where inquiry, diversity and novelty is supported and encouraged. With student success and the advancement of knowledge as their beacon, distinguished faculty push the boundaries of innovation in teaching and pursue rigorous research and scholarship agendas.

We also invite faculty to visit the Faculty Senate website.  The purpose of faculty governance at Florida Gulf Coast University is to safeguard academic quality, promote effective and open communication, insist upon academic integrity, emphasize rights and shared responsibilities of students, staff, community, faculty and administration, and sustain a dynamic learning environment.  This mission is accomplished through a system of collegial faculty self-governance ensuring that the rights of faculty are supported and faculty responsibilities in fulfilling the mission of the university are properly executed.  Please take the time to learn about the numerous awards and grants conferred on our faculty for their scholarship, teaching activities and review the following resources for critical information on faculty affairs: 


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Faculty Affairs

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Evaluation & Promotion

Florida Gulf Coast University has engaged with Interfolio, a software company which provides an electronic platform for promotion portfolio management and workflow.  FGCU’s goal is to streamline portfolio preparation for faculty and the promotion process for everyone involved, saving time and effort while moving away from the paper-based process.

The Office of Academic Affairs has worked closely with Faculty Senate, the Council of Chairs, UFF-FGCU, and other stakeholders to create a database that is streamlined and user-friendly.

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