Environmental Geology BS

The Environmental Geology BS combines the traditional geology curriculum with ecological, environmental, and marine science courses to provide students with breadth and depth of knowledge that can be applied to complex scientific problems.



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Collaborate with our faculty to solve real world research questions.


Develop your scientific knowledge and skills and gain valuable experience in a chosen career through internships with our community partners.

In the Field

Not all of our classrooms are indoors.

CoringThis interdisciplinary perspective utilizes existing FGCU strengths in environmental studies and marine science and will better prepare graduates for the workforce

  • Currently, the largest sectors of geology-based employment involve environmentally applied geology concepts such as groundwater pollution.
  • Provide graduates with sufficient content and credit hours to become Professionally Licensed Geologists – a State of Florida legal requirement after 5 years in the geology workforce if employees desire advancement.
  • Licensure will provide students with the knowledgebase needed to undertake Geology/Geoscience M.S. and/or Ph.D. programs.
  • The Environmental Geology BS focus on environmental geology over traditional geology emphasizing the ability to address emerging critical needs in local, state and national job markets
  • Is Florida's first environmentally focused geology program.


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