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FGCU Digital Badges

Why earn a Micro-Credential/Digital Badge?

Earning a college degree is the best way to gain the core skills and knowledge for a range of careers. But each industry or job type also has specific competencies and the rapid pace of workplace change means professionals will need to keep adding new skills to keep up.

Explore "The Power of And" at FGCU:

Badges connect your education to unique career pathways and help you to keep your skills current for a lifetime. FGCU partners with employers to create quality micro-credentials showing you have mastered the skills most in demand today. FGCU Digital Badges are for students of all majors, as well as FGCU alumni and working professionals of SWFL and beyond.  

Why micro-credentials/digital badges?

  • Competitive advantage
  • Travel the “last mile” between college and a career
  • Show employers a more complete picture of your strengths and skills
  • Tell your story effectively in job interviews
  • Get recognition for in-demand core skills
  • Learn competencies specific to different employers and fields
  • Explore industries and jobs that might be right for you
  • Keep up with new workplace technologies, practices and trends
  • Gain the skills to change roles or pivot to a new career


Select a badge to learn more about each category

Industry Specific Badge

Badges that focus on skills, knowledge, and abilities for specific industries. 

Transferable Skills Badge

General career readiness for current FGCU students.

Continuing Education & Skills Academy Badge

Career enhancing skills, knowledge, and abilities for professional development. 

FGCU Badges of Distinction

FGCU is a leader in sustainability and entrepreneurship. Tap into our strengths with these innovative badges!


Coming Soon: Sustainability Professional

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Entrepreneurial Mindset

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