FGCU Alert

FGCU continues work on Blue Pole/call box outage. Do not use these devices. In an emergency, dial 911/UPD @ 239-590-1900 or Guardian Eagle App.

Resident Resources

General Resources 

  • Community Guidebook 

  • Housing Conduct 

  • On-Campus Addresses

  • Front Desk Phone Numbers 

  • Rave Guardian App

Technology Resources

  • Apogee Stream 2

  • ITS Internet Work Order

  • Resident Select Movies 

  • LaundryView® Monitoring System

Maintenance Resources

  • Room Maintenance Request

  • Laundry Facility Maintenance Request

Returning Room Selection Resources

  • Eligibility

  • Application and room selection

  • Roommates

  • Cost Information

  • Waiting List

  • Honors Housing 

Cancellation Resources

  • Cancellation Process

  • Cancellation Fees

  • Approved Reasons for Cancellation

  • Housing Cancellations Appeals Process

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I pay the application fee using the Safari Browser?

  • How are assignments made?

  • When will I receive my room assignment?

  • When can I find out who my roommate is?

  • What if I need special accommodations?

  • My housing cancellation request was denied.  Can I appeal that decision?

  • I was billed for damages to my unit when I checked out. Can I appeal those charges?