Empowerment through mentoring

Our student mentors are high-achieving in academic excellence, cultural understanding, intentional service, and leadership. Our diverse programs seek new student mentors each academic year.


Without a mentor while at FGCU, I would have probably not achieved the many things I was able to. My mentor connected me to opportunities I would have probably never heard of. She taught me that change is good, but most importantly, she believed in me.”

Arletys Gomez, Political Science B.S.

Honors College Alumna, 2018


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Our mentors are leaders in and out of the classroom

Our student mentors come from a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and areas of interest to provide the most holistic support system for our new eagles!




Honors College Mentors 

The following 40 students are our Honors Mentors for 2019-2020.


Sydney Adams-Farley, Management Major

Logan Alles, Health Science Major

Dante Ashpole, Nursing Major

Viktoriya Bardenova, Math Major

Carly Barker, Pre-Nursing Major

Anneliese Bayer, Communication and Political Science Major

Madisyn Bloom, Professional Golf Management (PGM) Major

Nikolina Cain, Pre-Nursing Major

Ailsa Clark, Exercise Science Major

Julia Donzanti, Elementary Education Major

Timothy Duguay, Bioengineering Major

David Galindo, Bioengineering Major

Gretchen Godwin, Pre-Nursing Major

Kathryn Griffiths, Child & Youth Studies Major

Kristina Gusty, Chemistry Major

Sofia Halbisen, Psychology Major

Chloe Jackson, Public Health Major

Maya Kaiser, Biology Major

Michael Kastler, Marketing Major

Chris Kelly, Psychology Major

Katie Kelly, Public Health Major

Hannah Lee, Communication Major

Alex Marsh, Biology Major

Colin Mason, Computer Information Systems Major

Emily McLean, Biology and Psychology Major

Sam Nelson, Undeclared Major

Nicholas Nicastro, Management Major

Shawna Prahl, Health Science Major

Sierra Ritchey, Psychology Major, Honors Mentor Lead

Maritza Rivera, Biology Major

Angelina Rodriguez, Psychology Major

Becky Rodriguez, Psychology Major

Melynda Slaughter, Forensic Studies Major

Elliott Totten, Secondary Social Science Education Major

Brittany Travis, Child & Youth Studies Major

Lexi Velte, English Major

Kaylee Wells, Psychology and Child & Youth Studies Major, Honors Mentor Lead

Mia Williams, Resort & Hospitality Management Major

Austin Wise, Environmental Engineering Major

Kaitlin Yonge, Forensic Science Major



ACE Program Mentors 

The following 16 students are our ACE Mentors for 2019-2020.


Emelia Anderson, Education Major

Hannah Andrews, Software Engineering Major

Garrett Chapman, Software Engineering Major

Sydney Edwards, Bioengineering Major

Hunter Engel, Sociology Major

Jacob Foster, Biology Major

Travis Gayle, Software Engineering Major

Ella Guedouar, Psychology Major

Michael Hintz, Anthropology Major

Anthony Horvath, Software Engineering Major

Thomas Iacovino, Political Science Major

Matt Kaminski, Journalism Major

Mark Leone, Biology Major

Marina Sciancalepore, Biology Major

Nicole Stanco, History & Communication Major

Micaela Villalobos, Biochemistry Major



Students in Health & Medicine (SiHM) Mentor Program

The following 5 students are our SiHM Mentors for 2019-2020.


Ketty Consuegra, Biology Major

Analise DiIorio, Biology Major

Jake Goguen, Biology Major

Olivia Romas, Biology Major

Kelly Walker, Biology Major



EnvironMentors Program

The following 5 students are our EnvironMentors for 2019-2020.


Devin Burris, Environmental Science M.S. Major

Phoebe ClarkEnvironmental Science M.S. Major

Blake FaucettEnvironmental Science M.S. Major

Sam HansEnvironmental Science M.S. Major

Courtney KernEnvironmental Science M.S. Major