Academic Standing Resources

Understanding Your Academic Standing

Undergraduate degree-seeking students are expected to maintain a grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher, which the university defines as being in Good Academic Standing. Students whose FGCU Institutional GPA falls below a 2.00 will have an Academic Standing Hold placed on their record by the Department of Records & Registration that will prevent them from registering for future semesters.

Depending upon how many semesters a student has been enrolled and their academic record, this could mean they have been placed on either Academic Warning (WS), Academic Probation (PS), Academic Suspension (SS), Probation after Academic Suspension (AS), Academic Dismissal (DS), Academic Reinstatement or Indefinite Academic Dismissal.


Meeting University Requirements with an Academic Standing Hold While having a GPA below 2.00 

Students who have an Academic Standing Hold placed on their account must meet specific requirements to obtain clearance to enroll each semester or make any changes to their current schedule. These requirements are designed to provide the academic and personal support you need to be successful in college, so that you can return to Good Academic Standing, continue to register for future semesters at FGCU, and help you on your journey toward timely graduation.

Here is an interactive guide that will help you better understand the Academic Standing Hold requirements of the university and what you are expected to complete: 



Some Frequently Asked Questions about Academic Standing

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