We Are a Network of Industry and Educational Experts Coming Together to Develop Resources for Our Current and Future Workforce.

Wishing to upskill your employees or hire qualified talent?

What are the benefits of engaging in the Pipeline?

  • Job seekers are trained in skills employers have identified, and prepared for job functions employers need.
  • Current employees acquire new skills, certifications and degrees, and have access to EJP career counseling.
  • Employers have access to employees with needed skills, and a proven ability to complete training.
  • Future and current employees have access to a navigator who guides career development and links employees to supports.
  • Training and supports for employees reduce employer recruitment, onboarding, and retention costs.
  • Employers can refer current employees to the EJP for upskilling. 
  • Employers can join a "System Alignment Team" to share skills gaps, industry trends, and work with like-minded employers to solve challenges in our workforce system. 

Please keep in mind funding is specific to the Manufacturing, Logistics, PK-12 and Healthcare sectors. However, our team will work to connect eligible individuals outside of these sectors with other resources through our network of partners. 

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