ITS Student Services

Student Account Activation

Activating your account must be completed in order to access your Eagle Email account. Electronic mail is the official method used for campus-wide communication. All students, faculty, and staff are required to read and monitor their FGCU Eagle Email account.

To activate your student email account, please visit and use the option to "Claim Your Account"

FGCU Student Email Policies

University Use of E-mail
Email is an official means for communication within FGCU. Therefore, the University has the right to send communications to students via email and the right to expect that those communications will be received and read in a timely fashion.

Acceptable Use of E-mail
Use of student email will be consistent with other University policies and local, state, and federal law, including:

The FGCU Technology acceptable use policy.
( )

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).
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The Student Code of Conduct.

Use of the FGCU provided email account for any commercial, illegal, or immoral purpose is prohibited. Violations of this policy will be subject to discipline by the Dean of Student Affairs

Assignment and Activation of Student Email Accounts
Information Technology Services will assign all students an official University email account. The University will send all email communications to this account; This official address will be the address listed in the University's Directory for that student.

Student accounts are generated using a combination of the students first, last, and middle name. Students are required to activate their email account before use. The Student Accounts website has been designed for this purpose (

FGCU sanctioned student club and organizations may request an email account. All request for a student club or organization email account should be directed to the Office of Student Affairs.

Account Duration
A student will be assigned an Eagle Student Email account upon acceptance. A student activates his or her Eagle Student Email account at ( A student will have an active account while they are a considered an active student of the University. A student may have access to his or her Eagle Student Email account revoked upon expulsion or suspension from the University resulting from a decision regarding the student‘s violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

FGCU Alumni Email Accounts
Currently FGCU alumni will keep their email accounts unless the alumnus requests the account to be deleted.

Student Responsibilities
Students are expected to check their student email on a frequent and consistent basis in order to remain informed of University-related communications.

Distribution Lists
Distribution lists will NOT be created on the Student Email Server. All sanctioned FGCU clubs and organizations upon request from the club or organization president or advisor can request a listserv on the Listserv Server by contacting the Office of Student Affairs. Club or organization presidents will be responsible for keeping the distribution list up to date.

Distribution lists WILL be maintained for all student courses (See Educational use of email below).

Special Email Account
Special email account will be created on the Student Email Server for all sanctioned FGCU clubs and organizations upon request from the club or organization president or advisor.

Users should exercise extreme caution in using email to communicate confidential or sensitive matters, and should not assume that email is private and confidential. It is especially important that users are careful to send messages only to the intended recipient(s). Particular care should be taken when using the "reply" command during email correspondence.

FGCU takes every effort to protect the security of its computer and network resources. Students should be aware that any electronic communications utilizing University-owned computer and network resources potentially may be disclosed under University policies, state and federal laws and regulations or for appropriate University business needs.

Access to Email
Only the Dean of Student Services, Academic Provost, Academic President, and the student who an email account belongs to may request to be granted access to a student's email account if requested; any other party asking to be granted access to a specific student's inbox will need to get permission from one of the above listed sources.

Educational Uses of Email
Faculty members may require email for course content delivery, class discussion, instructor conferencing, and may specify course-related email policies in their syllabi. Faculty may also require students to confirm their subscription to University-provided mailing lists.

Faculty will determine how student email will be used in their classes, and will specify their requirements in the course syllabus.

Distribution lists for each course will be provided and will contain all students enrolled in the course. During the drop add period these distribution lists will be updated daily. During the remainder of the term these will be updated weekly.