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Technology Purchase Requests

Purchasing Technology:

All technology purchases follow a similar process and go though Workday.  Regardless of funding source, technology purchases are subject to ITS approval.  It is FGCU's goal to ensure minimal amounts of duplication of services, and security of the organizations data.  The flowchart below outlines the basic process:

purchase process overview

When a technology purchase request is submitted in Workday, ITS will review the request to ensure that the equipment/software is compatible with existing FGCU systems, and if applicable, that the vendor will protect FGCU's data from theft and/or accidental disclosure. 

Start in Workday

Prior to Purchase:

  1. Before purchasing technology, especially software, check with ITS to determine if FGCU already owns the software, or has an agreement with the vendor. Please check the list of existing software via the Software Install Request site.
  2. Submit the terms and conditions of the vendor to Procurement for Legal Review
  3. If approval has been granted, log into Workday and create a requisition with the appropriate spend category.  (Refer to Create Requisition Job Aid for complete instructions)

    You will be notified by ITS to confirm the requisition for purchase has been approved or denied:

Hardware (such as laptops/desktops):

      • ITS will ensure that the hardware is from an approved vendor and meets standards
      • If the hardware is a non-standard configuration ITS will work with the requestor to find a solution that works for both parties
      • ITS will approve or deny the request


      • If the software is hosted on the Internet ITS requires a completed "Higher Education Cloud Vendor Assessment Toolkit" (HECVAT) to be submitted with the requisition (More information here).  NOTE: For software that stores restricted data (see Restricted Data Policy) a Full HECVAT is required.  If no restricted data is stored HECVAT Lite can be used
      • ITS will review the vendor's HECVAT and identify any potential data security issues
      • ITS will work with the requestor to understand the use cases of the technology in question and determine whether any risk can be mitigated or accepted
      • ITS will approve or deny the request
      • For software purchases, please complete a software installation form to have the software installed on specific computers.

Other Notes:

  • Even if the business unit already identified the solution and the funding is available, there are functional, technical and support issues to consider before the purchase of the software/hardware take place.
  • A technology request may require approval of the dean or VP of the business unit.

For requests that do not fall into this category, or if you are uncertain, please submit your request as a work order via Email Help Desk or calling them at 239-590-1188.

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