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LTI Request

Information Technology Services has implemented a Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) approval process for addition of all external tool integrations into Canvas. The approval process for each tool will include a review of Functionality, Accessibility, Security, Compliance with University policies, Cost and other factors. Be advised the review process could take several weeks.

The process to submit a request for a Canvas External Application (LTI) will use the online Software/Hardware Purchase Request

  • A Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI) is an external piece of software that can be plugged into the learning management system (Canvas) to extend its functionality
  • Each LTI has a different license agreement, and different access to data from Canvas which involves a review process
  • Submission deadline will be six weeks prior to start of semester to allow time for approvals
  • Production installation is three times a year - targeted one week prior to start of semester (Fall, Spring, start of Summer)
  • Please remember to submit LTI request well in advance of semester start date

To access the request form, go here: LTI Request Form

  • Fill out the form completely and submit. It is not be possible to return and finish at a later time.
  • Download and/or print the “Purchase Request Form” to facilitate information collection prior to completing the form.

When a LTI Request is submitted, ITS will:

  1. Review the request and may contact you for additional information, suggestions for alternatives, or issues with the request
  2. Approve/deny the request for Procurement processing.

For requests that do not fall into this category, or if you are uncertain, please submit your request as a ticket via helpdesk@fgcu.edu.