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ITS Software Availability, Guidelines, & Requests

This page contains a list of software available at FGCU, information on how to download software at FGCU, guidelines for new software and software update requests, and an agreement for all software requests. A link to the software request form is available at the bottom of the page. The quick links below will navigate to the relevant section:


A list of available software and application delivery methods.

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Software Guidelines

Guidelines for incoming software requests and renewals.

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Software Request

An agreement and link to the software request form.

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Delivery method Platform Availability What devices have access? Where can I use this? Instructions
Knowledge Base1 Windows2 Faculty/Staff/Students FGCU Devices/Personal Devices On/Off Campus University Software Support
Software Center3 Windows Faculty/Staff FGCU Devices On/Off Campus4 Installing Software Using
Software Center
Self Service macOS Faculty/Staff FGCU Devices On/Off Campus Installing Software Using Self Service

1Knowledge Base has pre-approved FGCU provided licensed software, freeware, and open-source software.

2Mac devices are able to access AppsAnywhere software through the FGCU Virtual Lab.

3Software Center has pre-approved drivers and software. Software that requires licensing must be purchased by your department.

4Software Center requires connection to the FGCU network by using Pulse Secure when off campus.

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Software Guidelines

Software that is new to the Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) environment will require security and license compliance evaluation as well as research and compatibility testing on FGCU systems. If a similar software is already available via any of our software delivery methods, Information Technology Services (ITS) may deny your request and ask that you use an already available software.

Paid software must go through the entire procurement process before submitting a software install request.

For information on the software purchasing process, please visit the Software/Hardware Purchase Request page:

Software/Hardware Purchase Request

Free & open-source software is subject to ITS & Legal approval. 

Cloud-based or hosted software must go through the Higher Education Community Vendor Assessment Toolkit (HECVAT) approval process. Cloud-based software or hosted software is application software that's hosted in the cloud that you access and use via a web browser, a dedicated desktop client, or an API that integrates with your desktop or mobile operating system.

What is a HECVAT:  HECVAT is maintained by Educause, a nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher education through the use of information technology.  It is not unique to FGCU. HECVAT information can be found here: 

Storing restricted data:  If hosted software is renewed, purchased, or is a software hosted subscription and the software stores restricted data (according to the FGCU Restricted Data Policy), a full HECVAT is required.  If the software does not store restricted data, a HECVAT Lite can be used.  For additional information, please see:  Regardless which form, the vendor only needs to fill out the red tab. 

When should a HECVAT be submitted: Software renewals/purchases, freeware requests, or subscriptions that are for hosted software require a completed HECVAT form. 

What you need to do: Prior to submitting a purchase request for renewals and/or new purchases of hosted software or installation of freeware, the software requestor will contact the vendor and ask for an up-to-date HECVAT for ITS security review. Next, the requestor will attach the HECVAT to the purchase request in Workday and send a ticket the to the Help Desk for ITS Security to review.  When the HECVAT has been reviewed, the requestor will be notified whether the purchase can be approved and ITS can proceed with approval. 

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Software Request

Verify that the software is not available in AppsAnywhere, Software Center, or Self Service by using the Software Availability List before submitting a request. Requests submitted by students will be denied and redirected to the Faculty member that requires the software necessary for the course.

For software already licensed and installed at FGCU in another location that has previously undergone compatibility testing with FGCU systems, installation requests are generally scheduled within one week of submitting a software request, depending on resource availability and licensing verification.

By requesting this software, you agree to provide your expertise in testing the software to verify functionality. Our staff will verify that the software installs properly, launches, and can perform basic tasks after launching. If the software requires licensing before use, all software testing must be performed by the requester.  

Faculty/Staff Office

Any faculty or staff member that requires a software application to be available must fill out the form by clicking the "Submit a Request" button below.

Local software installations requiring special configurations are subject to ITS management approval.

Classroom & Lab

If software is needed to teach a class or for a student to use during a class, faculty members will need to submit a Software Install Request Form that is due at the same time as textbook adoptions.

Software upgrades will not be provided in the middle of a semester unless a security vulnerability is discovered and requires patching. 

Please note that all software and data loaded from your previous semesters classes may be removed with no notice.

Please read the following information before completing the form:

  • Paid software must go through the entire procurement process before submitting a software install request
  • Freeware and open-source software must be vetted by Legal and IT Security before being approved for installation
  • A copy of this form must be submitted for each individual software request
  • You will be notified when the software is ready for testing
  • Licensing information provided by the department must be available at the time of your appointment

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