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By submitting an Application to Graduate, your college or school is notified that you plan to complete your degree requirements in a specific term. This allows the staff of your college or school to begin evaluating your degree requirements in preparation for graduation. Graduation indicates you have met all of your degree requirements, your college or school has confirmed this and your degree has been posted.  Commencement/Grad Walk is the celebration event at the end of the fall, spring, or summer terms which celebrates our graduating students.


Graduating Seniors - Don't Forget:

Remember not to (G)litter our campus.  Glitter is plastic and does not break down in the environment.  We appreciate how much you love our campus and know you have no intention of harming our environment or wildlife.  However, birds, turtles, and fish may see glitter as food and whatever ends up on the ground eventually washes out to our wetlands and the Gulf.  There are several eco-glitters (compostable or organic) on the market, ecofetti, small flowers/petals, other photo props or an app to add bling to your photos.  Be creative, be beautiful, and leave our campus glitter free!

Please update your contact information so we can share information after graduation.

*Updating your information through the Alumni office does not automatically update your information through the Department of Records & Registration.  Obtain a Change of Address and/or Change of Name Form on the Department of Records & Registration website.

Important Note:

Graduation and Commencement/Grad Walk are two separate functions.  You must apply to graduate in order to receive your degree and diploma; however you do not have to physically attend Commencement/Grad Walk.  If you do plan on attending the Spring, Summer or Fall Commencement/Grad Walk, you must follow the registration process that will be communicated to graduation applicants via Eagle mail.  Because of growing demand and limited space, it is necessary to strictly adhere to deadlines concerning participation in FGCU Commencements/Grad Walks. Your cooperation is needed to ensure you do not miss this opportunity! 

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