FGCU Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQ

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  • How do students access course content?

  • Service Learning & Internships

  • How are study abroad programs affected?

  • How are decisions being made that affect FGCU students, faculty/staff?

  • Archive - Spring Semester Grade Options

Current Students

Housing/Residence Halls

  • Archive - Will students be expected to move out of residence halls right away?

  • Archive - Will students be able to pick up belongings if they want to move out of residence halls?

  • Archive - Dining Services

New/Prospective Students

  • What precautions are being taken to reduce transmission if COVID-19 is still a threat?

  • What steps are being taken to limit access to residence halls to FGCU students and decrease the likelihood that a guest can expose students to a virus?

Quarantine and Isolation

  • Who needs to quarantine or isolate?

  • What does it mean to be quarantined or isolate?

  • Students  |  I have been diagnosed with COVID-19

  • Students | I need to quarantine. Who do I tell and what do I do?

  • Students | I finished my quarantine. What do I do to return to campus?

  • Faculty/Staff  |  I have been diagnosed with COVID-19

  • Faculty/Staff | I need to quarantine. What steps do I need to take?