Campus Naturalists

Campus Naturalists

Campus Naturalists act as a liason to the campus community and particularly University Colloquium students.  Most importantly, naturalists act as peer interpreters, helping students connect to the campus ecosystem and the wild side of Florida - including campus trails, native and exotic wildlife, wetland and upland ecosystems, natural and cultural resources and conservation areas. 

Campus Naturalists primarily assist professors leading classes at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve, Lovers Key State Park, Downtown Fort Myers, and on the Campus Trails.  Naturalists may occasionally assist with other Colloquium field trips, campus trail clean-ups and other service learning events sponsored by University Colloquium.  Naturalists help their peers understand the natural environment they are visiting. 

Interested in becoming a naturalist? Please send your resume, letter of interest and a letter of recommendation from a faculty or staff member to Patty Krupp, Administrative Assistant for University Colloquium, at



Macy Noll Photo

Macy Noll

"Macy Noll here, Florida born and raised naturalist pursuing a dual degree in Art and Biology! I'm incredibly passionate about interdisciplinary collaboration and love exploring new avenues to bring the pathos of art and the logos of science together in order to champion the cause of conservation. As an artist, my inspiration comes mainly from the natural world and its Creator! I'm always eager to expore new mediums, the most recent of which have been mural painting, ceramics, and illustration. As a Biology major, I've had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with the Kimberly's Reef team and am currently working on my scientific diving certifications. Inspiring others to love and protect this beautiful world we've been given is the dream that inspired me to become a campus naturalist, and I look forward to continuing in grad school and beyond!"

Alexia Plankey Photo

Alexia Plankey

Hey!! My name is Alexia Plankey and I am an Environmental Studies major with a concentration in Ecology and Environmental Assessment as well as two minors in Geology and Climate Change. I love learning about the environment, hiking, exploring new places, hanging out with my cat, crocheting, and painting. After I graduate, I want to move out west and go into conservation research. I can't wait to use what I have learned in college to make a positive impact in our world. I love teaching others about the environment, and I can't wait to teach you all on our Colloquium field trips!

Savannah Pultrone photo

Savannah Pultrone

Hi guys! My name is Savannah Pultrone and I am an Environmental Studies Major with a concentration in Environmental Education and a minor in Climate Change. One time while traveling, a guide approached me and asked, "you're from Florida, so are you a swamp person or a beach person?" The answer is a die hard swamp person. I recently started an internship with Big Cypress National Preserve and have begun filling my dream of becoming a park ranger at a NPS unit. I am constantly outside whether it be hiking with my dog, foreaging, canoeing, etc. I cannot wait to hopefully instill a sense of appreciation and love for all of natural beauties that Florida has to offer. 

Sarah Searight photo

Sarah Searight

Hey guys! My name is Sarah and I am dual majoring in Marine Science and Environmental Studies with a concentration in Environmental Education, and Florida Coastal Systems Naturalist. I plan on being an informal water and sustainability educator and researcher. Outside of school I enjoy traveling, gardening, painting, playing games, binge watching TV, and hyper-focusing on new hobbies. As a Naturalist, I can't wait to share upcoming Colloquium experiences with you.

Shelby Sullivan photo

Shelby Sullivan

Hey y'all!! My name is Shelby. I'm an Environmental Studies major with a concentration in Ecology and Environmental Assessment and a minor in Biology. Outside of school and work I enjoy hiking, reading, doing puzzles, fishing, going to the beach, visiting parks and preserves, and just being outside in general! My goal after graduating is to find a job or internship working in conservation somehow. It could be the Everglades, wildlife, invasive species management, or coastal/marine ecosystems, I'm not sure yet! I mainly just want to be able to share my passion for the outdoors with others and help inspire future generations to love it as much as I do!

Rory Cushen photo

Rory "Cush" Cushen

Hi! My name is Rory Cushen but I go by Cush. I am an Environmental Studies major with minors in Creative Writing and Climate Change, class of 2023. I enjoy nature, my dogs, laughing, and long walks on the beach. I'm joking, I'm terrified of the ocean; a Bahamas cruise is my worst nightmare. While don't know specifically what I want to do after college with the environment, I just want to ensure that the people that come after me have the same opportunity to love nature as much as I do. I always hope to make my trips educational, engaging and entertaining, because then it doesn't feel like work. Hope to see you out there!

Vania Azevedo picture

Vania Azevedo

Hi! My name is Vania Azevedo, and I am an Interdisciplinary Studies major. My passion for sustainability and the environment all began with a service-learning event at the FGCU Food Forest. I love learning about the environment and things I can do to be more sustainable. Aside from school, I love spending time at the beach, kayaking, cooking, gardening, spending time with my dog, etc. I have many plans for the future, but I hope that I can always incorporate my passion for sustainability and the environment in all my future endeavors. As a naturalist, I hope I can also spark a passion for the environment and sustainability in our Colloquium field trips. 

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