Campus Naturalists

Campus Naturalists

Campus Naturalists act as a liason to the campus community and particularly University Colloquium students.  Most importantly, naturalists act as peer interpreters, helping students connect to the campus ecosystem and the wild side of Florida - including campus trails, native and exotic wildlife, wetland and upland ecosystems, natural and cultural resources and conservation areas. 

Campus Naturalists primarily assist professors leading classes at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary, Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve, Lovers Key State Park, Downtown Fort Myers, and on the Campus Trails.  Naturalists may occasionally assist with other Colloquium field trips, campus trail clean-ups and other service learning events sponsored by University Colloquium.  Naturalists help their peers understand the natural environment they are visiting. 

Interested in becoming a naturalist? Please send your resume, letter of interest and a letter of recommendation from a faculty or staff member to Jazzmine Santiago, Coordinator for Academic Programs, at



Amanda DeLisle Photo

Amanda DeLisle

Howdy! My name is Amanda DeLisle, I was born and raised in Immokalee, Florida to a large Hispanic family. I am a first-generation college student majoring in Anthropology, as you might have guessed that makes me a little bit of an archaeological nerd. I enjoy hobbies of drawing, playing video games, and occasionally playing guitar. I also love nerdy discussions on Marvel and Star Wars (Anakin was right)! Fun fact: I have a pet tortoise and absolutely love reptiles! I am also the Vice President of a little club on campus called MASA, the Mexican American Student Alliance, come hang out with us! After I graduate, I would love to work in a state park teaching others about the native fauna and past historical societies of Florida through conservation work.

Alexia Plankey Photo

Alexia Plankey

Hey!! My name is Alexia Plankey and I am an Environmental Studies major with a concentration in Ecology and Environmental Assessment as well as two minors in Geology and Climate Change. I love learning about the environment, hiking, exploring new places, hanging out with my cat, crocheting, and painting. After I graduate, I want to move out west and go into conservation research. I can't wait to use what I have learned in college to make a positive impact in our world. I love teaching others about the environment, and I can't wait to teach you all on our Colloquium field trips!

Emily Longstreet photo

Emily Longstreet

Hi Everyone! I'm Emily and I'm majoring in Biology, concentrating in organismal studies and minoring in Environmental Education. I'm a Florida girl born and raised but have always been on the road traveling with friends and family. I plan to go for a doctorate degree and travel the world conserving our beautiful wildlife. My position in the Wildlife Club at FGCU has led me to become a naturalist as I hope to share and learn from those with similar interests. Outside of academics, you can catch me line dancing or practicing photography!

Sarah Searight photo

Sarah Searight

Hey guys! My name is Sarah and I am dual majoring in Marine Science and Environmental Studies with a concentration in Environmental Education, and Florida Coastal Systems Naturalist. I plan on being an informal water and sustainability educator and researcher. Outside of school I enjoy traveling, gardening, painting, playing games, binge watching TV, and hyper-focusing on new hobbies. As a Naturalist, I can't wait to share upcoming Colloquium experiences with you.

Campus Naturalist Logo photo

This could be you!

Amanda Singer photo

Amanda Singer

Hi! My name is Amanda Singer. I am an Environmental Studies major with a concentration in Ecology and Environmental Assessment and a minor in Climate Change! I hope to pursue a career with wildlife and habitat conservation. I love anything outdoors related, from hiking in the mountainous areas of upstate New York, to sunbathing on Florida's beaches. I also love traveling, trying new foods, and hanging out with my friends, family, and pets. Growing up, I have always loved the environment and being a naturalist is the perfect opportunity for me to share this passion. I am excited to see you all on our Colloquium trips!

Vania Azevedo picture

Vania Azevedo

Hi! My name is Vania Azevedo, and I am an Interdisciplinary Studies major. My passion for sustainability and the environment all began with a service-learning event at the FGCU Food Forest. I love learning about the environment and things I can do to be more sustainable. Aside from school, I love spending time at the beach, kayaking, cooking, gardening, spending time with my dog, etc. I have many plans for the future, but I hope that I can always incorporate my passion for sustainability and the environment in all my future endeavors. As a naturalist, I hope I can also spark a passion for the environment and sustainability in our Colloquium field trips. 

Alexandria Amunategui picture

Alexandria Amunategui

Hi everyone! My name is Alexandria. I am an Environmental Studies major here at FGCU. I have a concentration in Ecology and Environmental Assessment and while I'm not totally sure what I would like to do after graduating, I have a deep passion and love for the environment and find joy in inspiring others to find that love as well. In my free time I enjoy going on walks, crocheting, painting, and experimenting in the kitchen. I hope that I can bring a passion for and joy that inspires others to make a difference on day at a time. 

Ajpaal Kalyanmasih picture

Ajpaal Kalyanmasih

Hi and shalom! I go by "Aj". When I was a kid growing up in Aurora, Colorado, I was found climbing the old cottonwood tree in my backyard where I would spend a lot of time in the branches listening to the wind tickle the leaves. When my family moved to Tuscon, Arizona, I spent hours hiking the rugged Catalina Mountains in snow and sun. Now that I live here in Florida, you guessed it! I am enjoying the beaches, wetlands, canals and good friends! I am passionately pursing a degree in Integrated Studies where I can "integrate" sustainable food-forestry with real-estate concepts to give our children a dignified future without compromising their environment. Education priority and FGCU is the best university where I can accomplish this and more with a great team of naturalists and administrators....Go Eagles!

Dalaina Martin 

Hi, my name is Dalaina Martin and I grew up in Tennessee on a cattle farm and recently moved to Florida. I am a naturalist pursuing a legal studies degree at Florida Gulf Coast University. After FGCU, I will further my education at law school. My passion for nature began at a young age on the family farm and grew to local streams, lakes, rivers, Appalachian Mountains and most recently all the way to Florida. My favorite hobby is hiking with my family and friends. I dedicate time and passion to understand, observe and appreciate the complexity of environments and ecosystems. Embracing the role of a naturalist is not merely a hobby, but a way of life that fosters the natural world and a determination to protect its delicate balance. Working on beach projects recently  has led to the pursuant of coastal preservation especially in the SWF region. Sharing my passion for nature has led me to become a naturalist and I look forward to serving in this role.

Dalaina Martin photo