Business Incentives


In addition to research, the Regional Economic Research Institute provides various resources for residents, businesses and community leaders.  Follow the links below to learn more about some of the resources offered by the RERI.

Chambers and EDOs

Want to find more information regarding your county?  Southwest Florida has a wealth of resources available for residents, business executives and local leaders.

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Business Incentives

Is your business expanding or relocating? Southwest Florida has a wide variety of incentives and grants available for job creation, capital investment, high performance and many other criteria.

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Tax Structure

A list of the tax structure in Southwest Florida.

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Top 100 Employers

A list of the top 100 employers in Southwest Florida.

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Industry Diversification Project

A projected aimed at gauging industry diversification within our region and state.

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Indicators Dashboard

Your one-stop-shop for all the latest economic indicators for Southwest Florida.

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Business Incentives

Southwest Florida offers a wide variety of incentives and grants for businesses interested in either expanding or relocating to the region. From industrial development bonds to enterprise zones, impact fees to tax credits, each county is committed to working with individual businesses to meet their particular needs for expansion or relocation.

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Charlotte County

Obtained From: Charlotte County Economic Development

Last Updated: January 26th, 2024

Program Overview

The Charlotte County Economic Development Incentive Program was adopted by the Board of County Commissioners to advance the mission of the County's Economic Development Office. This program was specifically created to:

  • Produce high-wage value added jobs
  • Reduce the tax burden on residential properties by increasing non-residential tax revenues
  • Reduce the impact of economic downturns by diversifying the local economy

The core of the Program is based upon two vehicles—incentives for job creation and incentives for capital investment. A business that produces at least ten “Quality Jobs” and meets program requirements is eligible to participate. Program participants are eligible to receive both employment and capital incentives following approval of their Program Application and Agreement.

Economic Development Incentive Program

This program can be used to provide incentives to qualified applicants for job creation, capital investment or to offset infrastructure improvement costs.

Taxable Non-Recourse Economic Development Bonds

Finance many kinds of businesses.

Tax-Exempt Industrial Development Revenue Bonds (IDRB's)

Provides tax-exempt debt obligations issued by public corporations to support manufacturing, processing, and utility type economic development projects. The Charlotte County Industrial Development Authority issues these bonds in Charlotte County.