The Wednesday Webinar

Better Forecasting with Machine Learning: Deep Learning from Amazon

August 10, 2022  / Wednesday Webinar  / Tag: Center for Supply Chain Excellence

Date: August 10, 2022
Time: 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm EST
Q&A: 1:30 pm - 1:45 pm EST

Topic: Better Forecasting with Machine Learning: Deep Learning from Amazon

Description: Demand forecasting has been a laborious chore, needing substantial resources in terms of data scientists, software, etc. This led many businesses to evolve simplistic forecasting models. In this webinar the speaker demonstrates a new breed of tool that leverages the best known technology and at the same time makes it easy for businesses with limited data science expertise to operate.

Speaker: Dan Sinnreich
Company: Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Title: Sr. Product Manager

About the Speaker: Dan Sinnreich is an Sr. Product Manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS), leading growth initiatives for Amazon Forecast, a fully managed service that uses machine learning to generate highly accurate forecasts. Previous to AWS, Dan was a product management director at MSCI, where he built investment analytics platforms and models used by over 800 institutional investors, representing over $200 trillion in global assets under management. His focus at MSCI was in democratizing the application of multi-asset class factor models to the buy-side investment process, allowing portfolio and risk managers to forecast their portfolios’ sources of risk and return, and make more informed investment decisions.

Previous to MSCI, Dan developed enterprise business analytics platforms at SaaS startups and at Oracle. He started his career with KPMG, helping companies measure their production costs and reengineer their operational processes. Dan earned a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems from Auburn University.