BIOS Boot Camp

Summer 2023 BIOS Boot Camp

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This four-day program is available to all incoming freshmen science majors that will be required to complete General Biology I and/or General Biology II to complete their program. These introductory courses are considered extremely challenging and can lead to a difficult start in college. FGCU offers the BIOS Boot Camp to give students the confidence and tools to succeed in their classes. The program has proven to increase student performance throughout their time at FGCU and increases the likelihood of graduating in four years. It is a great way to meet other science majors that will likely be in some of your classes with you.

BIOS Boot Camp includes:

  • Sample lectures and lab activities
  • Study skill exercises
  • Sample exams and assessment tools
  • Introduction to resources on campus
  • Meet biology faculty

Benefits of participating:

  • Improve performance in all biology classes
  • Improved likelihood of graduating in 4 years
  • Improved graduation rate
  • Build a network of friends to study with
  • Make life-long friends with similar interests

BIOS Boot Camp

Session offered to incoming FGCU Freshmen 

2023 Dates: Wednesday, August 9th – Friday, August 12th
Location: FGCU Main Campus, Edwards Hall 112
Required Text: Campbell’s Biology 12th Edition (Pearson Publishing)
Program Fee: $50
Optional Eagle Dollar Card: $50
The program fee includes all workshops, orientation activities, lecture and lab activities, and meal/snacks on each of the program days. The program fee does not include housing, text book, and other meals.


If assistance is needed due to a disability, please contact First Year Experience for additional information.

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Contact Information

For more information or if you have any questions, please Email us.

BIOS program is provided by the Department of Biological Sciences and the Center for Academic Achievement at FGCU.

Camp & Registration Details

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SCHEDULE: Be aware FGCU will organize many social activities that overlap with these dates. Additionally, Greek Life will begin their annual rush for new members during this week. Students participating in Boot Camp will not be available to  participate in these social activities. Please consider this before registering for the program. No refunds are available after June 15.

View the August 2023 Schedule

MEALS: Students are responsible for their own meals. The schedule will provide time for students to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. As an optional cost to the program, students can choose to purchase a $50 Eagle Dollar card that can be used to purchase meals at various locations on campus. The card’s balance never expires so the student can continue using the balance after the Boot Camp has ended. Purchased cards will be distributed to students on the first day of the program.

HOUSING: Students participating in the BIOS Boot Camp that will live on campus for fall 2023 semester will be allowed to move into their selected dorm on the morning of Sunday August 9th. You will therefore be among the first students to move into the dorms! Students living off campus in southwest Florida that are planning to commute during the fall 2023 semester can simply commute to BIOS Boot Camp as well. You are not required to stay on campus for this program.

Student Testimonials

  • “As a student who was coming from a very small high school, the program introduced me to more than higher biology concepts, it also prepared me for my transition into college life. I felt like I had an advantage over peers in my Biology class as I had already been introduced to the concepts.” - Arianna Smith, biology major
  • “As a Nursing major, BIOS Boot Camp provided me with the opportunity to learn, grow, and become more familiar with the academic expectations of being a student at FGCU.” - Serena Truong, nursing major
  • “The boot camp allowed me to succeed in Gen Bio I and Gen Bio II. We reviewed foundational biological concepts and General Biology course material, and this allowed me to feel confident before starting my freshman year at FGCU. It was a great opportunity to meet fellow students with shared interest. I made many friends in the program and we organized a study group before the semester started, and now we share the same upper-level courses! I received invaluable advice not just about Biology, but about the university experience as a whole. I believe the BIOS Boot Camp was incredibly advantageous to beginning my journey at FGCU.” - Claudia Kersting, biology major
  • “I made plenty of new friends that seemed to all be taking similar classes to me. Regardless of your academic background, this camp will definitely prepare you for your time at FGCU, while also helping ease your transition to a university by putting you around a bunch of like-minded people.” - Brandon Plimley, biology major
  • “Bios Bootcamp was a HUGE help to me. It helped me not only refresh on the content that I haven’t looked at in years, but also to understand how college lectures, classes & teaching styles differed from that of high school.” - Jessica Ely, nursing major