Center Research

The Center for Holocaust and Genocide Research offers unique opportunities for students to conduct research and advance their knowledge of genocides around the world.


Research Resources

FGCU Librarians have curated a resource guide for educational purposes with specific cases of genocide and incidents of mass violence included.  The guide provides a basic overview includes links to other authoratative sources and materials available to researchers and educators. 

view the Resource Guide

Faculty available for research guidance at FGCU

Dr. Paul Bartrop
Professor Emeritus of History
Dr. Carlson
Associate Professor
Office: MH 0190
Phone: 239-590-7596
Assistant Director, Office of Scholarly Innovation & Student Scholarship/ Professor
Office: MH 0188
Phone: 239-590-1245
Faculty Staff Default Avatar
Visiting Instructor I, Sociology
Phone: 239-745-4731
Dr. Vanja Petricevic
Associate Professor
Office: MH 0151
Phone: 239-590-7837
Faculty Staff Default Avatar
History and Humanities Librarian
Office: LIB 0225V 
Phone: 239-590-7661