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FGCU continues work on Blue Pole/call box outage. Do not use these devices. In an emergency, dial 911/UPD @ 239-590-1900 or Guardian Eagle App.

Logo Request

Logo Architecture

At FGCU, we have a two-tiered logo architecture. All brand extensions and sub-brands will appear locked-up with the institution’s master brand. For simplicity and increased legibility in digital applications that can be small, the FGCU will appear without the eagle head for these applications.

Master Brand

FGCU Full Logo
FGCU logo

FGCU Full Logo



Brand Extensions

A brand extension includes colleges, some schools, offices and high-level administrative units that should always be tied directly to the master brand. All administratve units will be brand extensions.
See example below.

Lutgert Logo
Water School Logo
HR Logo


A sub-brand is an entity directly connected to a brand extension and gains brand equity or increased wayfinding (helps define the purpose of the unit) by being associated with their brand extension.
See examples below.

Nursing Logo
Economics Logo
Vester Marine Field Station

Form information

Logo requests will be fulfilled within 2 business days.