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Accelerated Collegiate Experience

Begin your journey in higher education

The Accelerated Collegiate Experience (ACE) at FGCU is designed to bring a unique and scholarly experience to qualified high school junior and senior students who are seeking an advanced study option through full-time dual enrollment. A student may earn college credit through coursework taken at FGCU while simultaneously completing the high school diploma.


The ACE program guides students through their scholarly work and assists in creating pathways to academic and professional goals. An ACE student is expected to be engaged at FGCU in high-impact and co-curricular activities such as service, research, leadership and preparing for internships and study abroad opportunities.


Average GPA of ACE students while attending FGCU


ACE students named to President’s List or Dean’s List for fall 2021


Graduating ACE seniors who said the program exceeded expectations (2022 survey)


If you have additional questions, contact:

Name Title Email Phone
Rebecca Jones Director, Early College Programs ace@fgcu.edu or rjones@fgcu.edu 239-590-7869
Amber Richards ACE Coordinator ace@fgcu.edu or amrichards@fgcu.edu 239-745-4546