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Students who are currently registered with the Office of Adaptive Services can access their services through the ClockWork portal.

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Employment and Service Learning Opportunities

The Office of Adaptive Services is continually looking for qualified and committed tutors, note takers, student assistants and those with technological knowledge to help ensure the academic success of students with disabilities.


Those wishing to tutor for AS are encouraged to contact our office or stop by to pick up and complete an information form. Tutors are compensated for their services by either earning service-learning hours or payment.

Note taking opportunities for Adaptive Services will be emailed to individual courses depending on need. Those who would like to be note takers will need to complete the process in ClockWork, accessed through the link below.


Procedures for Becoming a Note Taker

Note Taker Responsibilities and Agreement Form


Additionally, Adaptive Services is offering a new employment/service learning opportunity for students wanting to be Closed Captioned Student Assistants. Those wanting to participate would be trained in how to edit closed captions and then be paired with a professor who is in need of course materials to be captioned.


For the above or any additional Service Learning opportunities, contact to inquire.


Soar in 4-A Flight Plan to Graduate on Time

This program provides incoming freshmen additional incentive to stay on track to a 4-year degree and secure a job — including a rebate on first-year tuition. To be eligible for the payback, you must sign up during your first semester. Access the website for more information.

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