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Florida Real Estate

Open up a world of opportunity with Real Estate

What you need to know about Florida Real Estate – from assisting residential home buyers, investors or commercial users, we have the classes you need to succeed and grow your skill in this expanding and ever changing field.

Client focused

Develop expert communication skills, show clients you care, and be their mentor. 

Build your skills

Adapt to new technologies, be on time, and hone your negotiation skills.

Stay up-to-date

Learn local knowledge, focus on industry trends, networking is key, and continue your education.

  What We Offer

 Florida Gulf Coast University in partnership with OnCourse Learning offers a multitude of real estate courses that range from beginners who are just starting out in the business to courses that'll help those in who has began a career contine their education.  

Florida Real Estate Opportunities:

  • Real Estate License

  • Broker License

  • Appraisal

  •  Home Inspection