25 Years of Memories and Reflection

The Dream Becomes Reality

FGCU Opened in 1997


FGCU Opened in 1997



Growing Pains. Challenges. Triumph.

Karl Smesko

FGCU Report 1998

Host: Kevin Pierce


5-Year Celebration

Faculty & Staff


Warm Welcomes

Maria Koenig


48 Hours Before Groundbreaking

Dr. Roy McTarnaghan


Win Win for FGCU

Win Everham


2002 Icecream Social

Faculty & Staff


Community Influences Direction

Terry Wimberly


It Was Ground Breaking

Linda Serro


First Eagle Expo

Michele Yovanovich


Lecture Labs

Nora Demers


1991 - Rumors of New University

Madelyn Isaacs


Reflections on Tommy Howard

David McCormick


Engaging a Larger Community

J. Webb Horton


Accreditation in Record Time

Joseph Ravelli


Champions of Guiding Principles

Halcyon St. Hill


It Was Our University

Arthur Rubens


Former Provost Reflects

Brad Bartel


Head Coach: Softball

David Deiros


Founding First Lady

Beverly McTarnaghan


Memories with Anjana Bhatt

Founding Faculty


Antoinette Biffar Reflects

Former Student Athlete