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Landon in the swampBecause the fields of Environmental Studies, Marine Science, and Environmental Geology can lead to many different career paths, it is important that every student identify a field of interest and create a plan to gain the right skills, experiences, and credentials to enter that field. FGCU Environmental Studies BA students are required to complete an Internship in a field related to the Environmental Studies degree. Marine Science BS and Environmental Geology BS Students have the option to complete an internship or senior research. Students are expected to engage in work that is supervised by an Internship Supervisor who must have demonstrable expertise in the internship area.

Internship courses and information:

  • EVR 4940 Internship in Environmental Studies (3 credits) (BA Environmental Studies students)
  • ISC 4940 Internship in Interdisciplinary Natural Sciences (3 credits) (BS Environmental Geology students; BS Marine Science students)
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