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ETS Major Field Test

ETS and the Major Field Tests have helped institutions meet external requirements for accreditation and funding for measuring student learning outcomes

Lutgert College of Business seniors who are enrolled in GEB 4890 (Business Strategy) are required to participate in the ETS Major Field Test. This exam is designed to measure a student's subject knowledge and the ability to apply facts, concepts, theories, and analytical methods. 

  • Register for your testing appointment.

  • Take your exam.

We recommend arriving at least fifteen minutes prior to your appointment time.

Your primary form of acceptable identification is your Eagle ID.

You may also bring a valid, government-issued photo ID with signature.

Examples of acceptable forms of identification:

  • Driver’s license.
  • A valid passport.
  • Official state-issued identification card with photo.
  • Federal identification card.
  • Tribal identification card.
  • Naturalization card or Certificate of Citizenship.
  • Military identification card. 
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Examples of unacceptable forms of identification:

  • Expired IDs from list above.
  • Identification with signature only.
  • School identification other than Eagle ID.

  • Temporary or paper driver’s license.
  • Social Security card.
  • Credit card with photo.
  • Work identification or badge.
  • Gym or club membership.
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In order to request your disability-related accommodations you must follow this process:

Register with the Office of Adaptive Services.

  • Visit the Office of Adaptive Services' website to complete a Formal Request for Accommodations; make sure that you include all necessary documentation and forms.

  • The Office of Adaptive Services will create a Reasonable Accommodation Plan for you; this is dependent upon the documentation submitted.

  • Please follow up with the Office of Adaptive Services to ensure that your Accommodation Plan is approved before proceeding.

Register and pay for your testing appointment with the Office of Testing and Assessment Services using Registerblast.

  • Register for your testing appointment on Registerblast; select the desired date and time of your appointment.

    • Indicate during registration that you are requesting ADA accommodations for your TEAS examination. Provide your full name and contact information.

  • Testing and Assessment Services will email you to confirm that you are planning to take your exam with ADA Testing Accommodations approved by Adaptive Services. We will then confirm your accommodations with the Office of Adaptive Services.

    • Depending on the approved accommodations, you may be asked to contact the Office of Adaptive Services to schedule your testing appointment with them. They will assist you in submitting a Test Schedule Form. Please let the Office of Testing and Assessment if the date and time scheduled by Adaptive Services differs from your Registerblast appointment.

On the day of your test, you must check-in with Testing and Assessment Services.

  • Review the Exam Day Requirements before arriving; make sure that you have all required materials with you.

  • If you are taking your exam in the Office of Adaptive Services, a staff member will walk you down to their testing rooms.

Requesting Alternate Formats

Requests for alternate formats must be made in advance to allow ETS time to process the request and create the necessary materials. Suggested time frames are as follows:

  • Large print tests — eight weeks in advance

  • Reader scripts — 12 weeks in advance

  • Braille or audio formats — 12–14 weeks in advance

For More Information

For additional information on testing accommodations for students with disability or health-related needs, contact an ETS Advisor:

Phone: 1-800-745-0269



The ETS Major Field Tests are comprehensive undergraduate and MBA outcomes assessments designed to measure the critical knowledge and understanding obtained by students in a major field of study. The Major Field Tests go beyond the measurement of factual knowledge by helping to evaluate a students' ability to analyze and solve problems, understand relationships, and interpret material from their major field of study.

The Major Field Tests help you:

  • meet requirements for accreditation and accountability initiatives and performance funding by measuring the effectiveness of your program
  • evaluate and inform teaching and learning, and pinpoint strengths and areas of improvement to strengthen curricula and student learning outcomes
  • demonstrate the strengths of your program to prospective students and faculty
  • track longitudinal performance and trend analysis to evaluate program improvement efforts
  • measure your program's effectiveness — and your students’ performance — against programs at similar institutions nationwide, using comprehensive national comparative data

For more information access the ETS Major Field Test webpage.