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Florida Gulf Coast University has partnered with IBM Global University Programs to provide access to relevant, cutting-edge technology education. Both students and professionals within the community may enhance their technical knowledge, skills, and abilities to remain current and earn a digital badge issued by IBM. Learn from university experts and master IBM technical skills. These digital badges are meant to build expertise with each new level, step-by-step levels are shown in the flowchart. 

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Free Foundational Courses - Level I

Foundational activities are geared toward learners who are new to the subject matter and seeking to learn basic concepts and build knowledge. These credentials are typically issued to individuals with little or no prior knowledge or experience in the content area. Content represents real-world scenarios with top IBM client stories and solutions. These courses are designed to help close the talent gap for industry partners. 

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Foundational IBM Data Science Badge

This course provides a basic understanding of the foundations of Data Science including: Data Science Team Roles, Data Analysis Tools, and real-world use cases for the application of the Data Science method.


Foundational IBM AI Badge

This course covers the foundations of Artificial Intelligence for business, including the following topics: AI Evolution, AI Industry Adoption Trends, Natural Language Processing and Virtual Agents.


Foundational IBM Cloud Badge

This course covers the basic foundations of cloud for the enterprise including: Consumer applications, Enterprise adoption, Delivery models and Industry Cloud Adoption.


Getting Started with Threat Intelligence and Hunting Foundational IBM Cybersecurity Badge

This is a foundational course, exposing the learner to threat intelligence concepts including: Attack trends by geography, threat intelligence tools and real-world use cases. Complete this course to get your badge.


Program Foundations

Learn why badges are beneficial to students, faculty, and professionals looking to advance their skills. The IBM SkillsBuild prepares students and professionals to apply advanced technical skills in the workplace. Employers can confidently hire recently certified professionals and rely on FGCU to advance the skills of current staff.

Intermediate Courses - Level II

(Free for Lee County Residents)

These courses build upon foundational knowledge and are staff/faculty-led courses that prepare participants to refine and better hone their skills and advance their knowledge in the topic. Participants earn a digital Certificate of Completion from IBM for $312.

  • Enterprise Data Science in Practice

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  • Building Trustworthy AI Enterprise Solutions

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  • Enterprise Security in Practice

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  • Building Cloud-based Mobile Solutions for the Enterprise

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  • DevOps for Enterprise Business Agility

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Advanced Courses - Level III

(Free for Lee County Residents)

Following completion of Intermediate Level Certifications, participants can dive deeper into the following skills through FGCU faculty-led courses designed to achieve mastery in a specific technical area. Participants earn a digital Certificate of Completion from IBM for $312.

  • Machine Learning for Data Science Projects

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  • Ethical AI Applications of Deep Learning and Computer Vision

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  • Security Operations Center in Practice

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Practitioner Industry Certification- Level IV

(Free for Lee County Residents)

Why Should You Earn a Digital Badge?

Badging began as a way to acknowledge the skills gained by students and professionals in our non-credit professional development courses. Digital badges are flexible and allow students, professionals, and staff alike to showcase their knowledge and abilities. The badges help students/professionals stand out to employers . Your digital badge says that you've achieved a credential that is relevant to your career.

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Learn the basics of cybersecurity and why it's such a growing career field.




Enable trusted data exchange and workflow automation. 


Internet of Things

Internet of Things

IoT is reinventing the way we interact with the physical world.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the science behind systems that can program themselves.


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Program Cost & Dates

NOTE: Once an IBM SkillsBuild Course token is activated, a participant is no longer eligible for a refund of tuition.

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Learn About the Instructors

Dr, BenfordCybersecurity and IoT taught by Dr. Tanya Benford

Dr. Benford’s research interests include business process controls and corporate governance as well as the impact of information technology on judgment and decision-making in accounting. She has published in the International Journal of Accounting Information Systems and the European Journal of Information systems, top journals in accounting and information systems. Learn More...

Dr. RuehleArtifical Intelligence taught by Dr. Chrissann Ruehle

Professor Ruehle's research interests include International Business, Organizational Behavior, Social Media Communications, and the Application of Technology in the Classroom. She has presented at international conferences and published in the Conference Proceedings for the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (A.C.B.S.P.) and the Marketing Management Association Educator's Conferences. Learn More...

Dr. AgarwalBlockchain taught by Dr. Anurag Agarwal

Dr. Anurag Agarwal joined FGCU in 2019, having previously served on the faculty of Kent State University, University of Florida and University of South Florida. His teaching interests are in Information Systems, Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and Visualizations, Programming Languages and Project Management. His research interests are broadly in applications of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in business operations. Learn More...

Program Format

Student on Computer

Concepts (25%)


Hands-on Labs (35%)

Group Activities

Group Work Activities (40%)

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