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Mellian, Kristin (MFA)

Assistant Professor
Bower School of Music & the Arts

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Kristin Mellian joins FGCU as a SAG-AFTRA actor and performance professor with almost two decades of experience in professional performance and instruction. As a performer, she has worked in TV, film, theatre, voiceover, commercials, and cruise lines. Kristin’s films have been distributed both nationally and internationally, on Netflix as well in major retailers. Before arriving at FGCU, she taught acting at Compass College of Cinematic Arts and California State University, Los Angeles. Kristin’s most recent projects include acting and movement directing for The Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company, and producing and acting in a feature film with Richard Karn and Jason London. Kristin delights in training and guiding students toward creating their best work and enjoys aiding students in their pursuit of careers in acting.

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