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Hulya Julie Yazici Profile

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Yazici, Hulya Julie (Ph.D.)

Department of Information Systems & Operations Management

LH 3317

    Ph.D. in Engineering Management, Missouri University of Science and Technology (1990)

    Dr. Yazici's research interests are in project management, health/supply chain informatics, buyer-supplier collaboration in supply chain, corporate sustainability, business/data analytics and simulation, lean and six sigma, and innovative education. Her papers have appeared in such journals as Project Management Journal, International Journal of Services and Operations Management, International Journal of Information Management, Journal of Computer Information Systems, Information and Management, Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, and Journal of Business Education.

    Prior to academia, Dr. Yazici worked in quality planning and project coordination in manufacturing and mining sectors in North America and Europe. Dr. Yazici is a senior member of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE), Decision Sciences Institute (DSI), Project Management Institute (PMI), Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) and INFORMS, an outgoing board member for the at IISE Sustainable Development Division (2015-2019), and serves as UCF Graduate Faculty Scholar since 2012.