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Knoche, Trip (Ph.D.)

Assistant Professor
Department of Management

LH 3336

    Dr. Harry "Trip" Knoche earned his Ph.D. from Florida Atlantic University and his MBA from the University of Chicago. His academic, research, and teaching backgrounds in global strategic management, leadership, entrepreneurship, and international management are leveraged by significant industry and executive level experience in accounting, finance, new business ventures and international business.

    Before earning his Ph.D., Dr. Knoche served over 25 years in industry. He was responsible for managing businesses in several countries, providing senior leadership in areas of financial management, controllership, information technology, strategy, and business development for multinational organizations and new businesses. His entrepreneurial experience includes starting and founding a number of companies in a variety of industries. Dr. Knoche's research interests span individual and organizational levels of analysis, with publications that examine effects of phenomena at both levels. One of his papers recently won an Academy of Management Best Paper Award.

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