A Sustainable Future: University Colloquium

Preparing students for success in a rapidly changing world

University Colloquium introduces students to the complexities of developing the sustainable societal patterns each will face as they launch their careers.  Faculty members from every college as well as members of the community join students from all majors for discussion in the classroom and experiential learning in the community.

Mission Statement: Empowering students to act for social, environmental, and economic sustainability in a changing world.

Each semester...


I am a student

  • Who takes University Colloquium?

  • I hear there is a lot of writing

  • Is service-learning required?

  • Will I get wet on field trips?


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Campus Naturalists

Campus Naturalists educate classes about FGCU environmental and sustainability initiatives such LEED certified buildings, our energy conservation measures, and recycling programs.



University Colloquium Advisory Council

University Colloquium Advisory Council includes representatives from each college, a student, the Office of Service-Learning and Civic Engagement, and a community partner. Reflecting the university and community-wide ownership of the course, the council oversees the course curriculum, ensuring its relevance and rigor and its interdisciplinary focus.

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Director of University Colloquium

Brenda Thomas

Modular I
10501 FGCU Blvd. S.
Fort Myers, FL 33965


Administrative Assistant

Patty Krupp

Modular I
10501 FGCU Blvd. S.

Fort Myers, FL 33965