Guest Student Teaching

Guest Student Teaching Policies

The COE encourages our students to remain local throughout the entire program. However, if extenuating circumstances occur, see the policy below.


The COE welcomes Guest teachers from other locations to request a placement in our local area following the Guest-In policy below.


FGCU Student Teachers requesting a Guest Away placement


Student Teachers wanting to become a guest intern at FGCU


Guest Intern Fee Payments

The Internship Office requires the following procedure be used when making payments.

Guest interns who are:

  • responsible for payment of fees should submit SEPARATE MONEY ORDERS for each item made payable to the assigned individual(s) for the amount specified.
  • Institutions responsible for payment of fees should submit a SEPARATE CHECK made payable to each attending individual(s) for the amount specified. Any checks made payable to FGCU for the entire amount of fees due will be returned.

All payments are due prior to the beginning of the academic semester. Students will not be allowed to begin internship placement unless payment has been received.

All payments should be mailed to the Internship Office at the following address for distribution:

Florida Gulf Coast University
College of Education/Internship Office
Merwin Hall, Rm. 235-B
10501 FGCU Blvd. South
Fort Myers, Florida 33965-6565