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Field Experience & Student Teaching

Field Experience & Student Teaching

Office of Clinical Experiences and Partnerships

The undergraduate division of the College of Education (COE) uses a field-based approach to teacher preparation. Using a Professional Development Schools (PDS) framework, partnerships between schools/districts and the college/university are utilized to prepare future teachers. The PDS model is a collaborative and collective effort, with shared governance and resources utilized between all stakeholders, including university faculty, teacher candidates, K-12 districts and schools, building administration, teachers, and community members. From early in our teacher preparation program, teacher candidates are immersed in the culture and context of their respective field experience placements. The COE’s office of Clinical Experiences and Partnerships helps to facilitate teacher candidate placements, monitors teacher candidate progress, and collaborates with all stakeholders for continuous improvement.

The undergraduate COE programs of study are divided into five blocks/semesters. During Blocks 1 and 2 (junior year), teacher candidates complete a field experience by being placed in a school one day a week for eight consecutive weeks. In Blocks 4 and 5 (senior year), student teaching takes place. Each of these experiences are further explained on this website, and more information is provided under specific headings. Also included on this site is information for TIP and the Child & Youth Studies program.




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Diane Kratt, Ed.D.

Coordinator, Clinical Experiences and Partnerships



Jamie Shaffer 

Instructor, Block 4 Student Teaching




Teri Byrne-Knell

Instructor, Field Experiences



Elizabeth Reynolds

Instructor, Blocks 4 & 5 CYS Experiences



Veronica DeLeon
Administrative Specialist
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